Q1 Updates: February 2024

cyberpunk fairy tale

Finalist in UK-Based Award

Into the BeanStalk was named a Finalist in the UK-based Wishing Shelf Awards earlier this month. Jack went up against hundreds of other books in her category and was read by multiple judging groups, so I’m honored to be selected.

I will know if it received any other honors from this fantastic crew of reviewers, editors, and authors next month. literary titan award wishing shelf award

J. Paul Roe Interview on Literary Titan (and Another Award!)

I was interviewed by Literary Titan, who wanted to know more about the cyberpunk fairy tale Into the BeanStalk after bestowing upon it the Literary Titan Award. If you want to know more about the creative process behind the book, give this interview a read. Personally, I love the tagline they chose for the post, because it was one of those things that, as I was saying it, I was like “I hope someone quotes me on that someday.”

That would be better than someone quoting me about hoping I get quoted. That can’t be good.

Anyway, here’s the interview on Literary Titan!

Media and Development Deals

As I’ve mentioned in passing, I’m currently working on two different development deals for Into the BeanStalk and its sequels. 

At this point, I’m able to say with 99% certainty that Arcane Fiction will be producing the audio drama adaptation of the book toward the end of the year. We’ve discussed a final product that’s a bit of a hybrid between an audiobook and an audio drama — imagine the book with very few changes, but read by a voiceover cast backed by sound effects and music. 

Awesome, right? We’re shooting for more concrete details in June/July when production (casting and such) is anticipated to begin.

 Additionally, I’m still working with Impssbl Media to develop all of my channels, and eventually support/grow every imaginable adaptation of the Jack: IP. Did I mention an Into the BeanStalk webcomic? That’s probably high on the priority list. 

But these guys have ties to Hollywood, so the sky’s the limit, right?

These great companies will likely be coming up with unique merchandise to go with the property as well, so it looks like 2024 is going to be a very interesting year for Jack!


The first run of paperbacks are being examined by my local beta readers. I’m about to contact my most engaged non-local beta readers to offer them copies, as well. (Chances are, if you’re reading this and you’ve ever emailed me, you’re on that list. So if I don’t email you, contact me and ask for one!)

I will be making every effort to sell the signed print editions on my website. I just have to figure out the shipping problem, because for some idiotic reason, it actually costs me more to mail the book to a buyer than it does to print it.

I ran a moderately successful eBay business a million years ago, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Maybe with drones or some kind of large circus cannon.

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