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I didn’t think I would love this book as much as I did, but between the relatable characters and the gritty setting, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it.
Into the BeanStalk is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it."
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Miche Arendse
from Readers' Favorite
Author J. Paul Roe delivers an absolute belter of a sci-fi thriller to start this dystopian cyberpunk series.
Overall, a gripping page-turner that sci-fi fans will relish."
j paul roe winner
Pikasho Deka
from Readers' Favorite
A riveting, well-plotted, and thoroughly entertaining read.
The depth of world-building blew me away and was vivid and rich."
j paul roe winner
Tracy Traynor
from Readers' Favorite
Fans of cyberpunk will have plenty to enjoy in this book.
The author expertly develops a fully functional futuristic world full of scientific gadgets, wild trends, and extreme ways of life that all seem highly possible. The story moves satisfactorily with lots of heart-pounding action and snappy dialogue."
j paul roe winner
Scott Cahan
from Readers' Favorite
J. Paul Roe has developed an absolutely stellar concept for a fairytale retelling that’s like nothing I’ve ever read.
I would not hesitate to recommend Into the BeanStalk as a novel that delivers everything it promises and more."
j paul roe winner
K.C. Finn
from Readers' Favorite
I loved it, you gotta read it!
Recommended for lovers of actioney NA scifi dystopian cyberpunk books; if you like Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, or Ready Player One or The Matrix AND futuristic fairytale retellings, you’ll love this one."
Ilona Nurmela
via Amazon
This was a fun one. Classic cyberpunk feel - technology, dehumanization, fast-moving action.
Gaming value: Really high. I'm pretty sure Jack is going to show up in my Cyberpunk Red game."
Andy C Davis
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Can I give more than five stars? This book was amazing, so much so that when it ended I wanted to read the next one.
This is some A+ world-building that made me think of all the games of Shadowrun I used to play."
Heather Glidewell
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One of the best cyberpunk novels I've ever read
Compelling and engaging plot with incredibly well developed characters that you actually feel invested in."
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Well written and gripping book.
Had me eager to turn the pages."
Kelvin Sloper
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The Series Begins...

Into the BeanStalk

Jack is a techie and long-time shut-in, driven to save her father from corporate servitude. That means getting her hands on scrip, and lots of it. Going into debt with the most violent bikers in Hope Megacity will get her the cybernetic limbs she needs to overcome her disabilities, but that’s only the beginning.