J. Paul Roe

Award-winning author of cyberpunk and speculative science fiction.

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Into the BeanStalk

Jack is a techie and long-time shut-in, driven to save her father from corporate servitude. That means getting her hands on scrip, and lots of it. Going into debt with the most violent bikers in Hope Megacity will get her the cybernetic limbs she needs to overcome her disabilities, but that’s only the beginning.

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The Game State
A new novel set in the world of Hope Megacity.

Jakob lost his corpo job, and now he's on a spiritual journey with global repercussions.
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Book 3 of the
Jack: Series
The action-packed conclusion to Jack's adventures with the BeanStalk!
Untitled eMMA Story
Exploring the world of Enhanced Mixed Martial Arts in the City of Hope.
Excerpts from the
metaNet: 2.0
Updated with new artwork and worldbuilding entries, like Jack's Gallardo PDW...

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AFA-AwardWinner-2023-new copy

Into the Beanstalk is suspenseful and dramatic, an adrenaline-pumping ride.

I am sure we will see lots more from this highly talented author."
Tracy Traynor
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