J. Paul Roe

I was born in Miami in 1982 and spent most of my early years reading, drawing and playing point-and-click adventure games.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps during my sophomore year of high school and graduated from Parris Island in August of 2001. After receiving an honorable discharge for injuries sustained in service, I moved to Orlando, Florida, where I studied psychology and philosophy at Valencia, as well as a tiny bit of film production at the University of Central Florida.

During those years I worked in sales and marketing for several Orlando companies. This is when I developed a passion for meditation, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In 2007, I dabbled with street hypnosis, and had several successful performances at local night spots.


After leaving Orlando, I trained as a sushi chef (I’m pretty good!) and went on to manage a small restaurant that failed within two months because the owner refused to do any marketing. I was left unemployed and with few options, so I decided that (as the CCR song says) “Someday Never Comes,” and if I was going to try doing something I truly loved with my life, I had to make the sacrifices and go for it.

I’d always wanted to try film acting, so I paid for head shots and started sending them out. I consider myself very lucky; within a couple of weeks, I landed some pretty fun (if not high-paying) roles in web shows, TV commercials and a couple of indie films. I pretty much always played a bad guy for some reason.

At one of the shoots, I met an up-and-coming screenwriter/actor who is now a WGA rising star. In the cargo hold of the ship we were filming in, we discussed screenwriting and I told him a few of the story ideas that had been floating around in my head. He gave me good feedback and moral support, then we both went to get shot and killed on-camera.

A few weeks later, I entered (and later won) my first screenwriting contest and my decade-absent love of writing was rekindled. The rest is history in the making.

I’m now a full-time writer, and damn happy about it. When I’m not writing books, I’m doing freelance work for companies all over the world. The variety in this line of work is astounding; I’ve had writing contracts with some pretty awesome overseas entities (ahem . . . governments) and even a couple of celebrities.

I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about writing with others, and I actively participate in writers’ groups, forums and discussions whenever I can. My door is always open. Feel free to contact me with questions and comments.


ThirdPhaseMediaPNGJ. Paul Roe is CEO and founder of the Third Phase Media Group, a company that specializes in media awareness and freelance journalism. He is also the creator of and lead contributor to Path Untraveled, a site about travel and adventure.